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Things to Look at Before Buying a Used Motorcycle - 13 Oct 2017 14:34


Anyone who is looking for used motorcycles needs to try each out before purchasing it. Just like a car or truck purchase, a seller who does not want a person riding the bike is one who should not be trusted. A simple test drive can reveal several things that could affect the overall price of the motorcycle.

General advice

Look at all the details and ignore nothing. Be suspicious of a nervous salesman, their attitude will betray him or her eventually. Be cautious of any bike that has fewer miles than it should.

Do not be in a hurry to buy used Harley, meaning take your time to decide. It is the buyer who should offer the final price for the bike and not the other way around. Buyers do not have to buy anything; it is the seller wanting to get rid of the bike.

Performing a cold start is the best indicator of how well the engine runs. The state of the saddle indicates if it has had much use or little. Try other motorcycles before deciding on a particular one.

Each motorcycle sold by the American Motorcycle Trading Company should have a maintenance book that lists everything the bike has had done to it. Do not feel pressured when buying, take your time. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

bikesales to check the suspension is to "dampen" the bike. If the fork does not return to its position in a clean way, it is properly straightened. It is not good when a rider finds fluid both in the fork and in the shock absorbers. Keep in mind that, if the shock absorber is dripping fluid, you will have to change it.


It is advisable to start used Harleys in cold weather to ensure that the motor is finely tuned. Ask the seller if they have taken the motor off before and, if so, why? The sound of an engine should be normal and without rattling noises. Check that there are no oil leaks, or other fluids, near the joints and/or sleeves.

Clutch and brakes

The brakes and clutch are two more elements to consider. Discs should be smooth and straight, and the clutch and sleeves should not leak. Seeing used motorcycle dealers , look for signs of deterioration. The wear of the brake pads and the thickness of the discs are a good indicator. Visit this site for more information. - Comments: 0

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